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Episode 64 - Honoree Corder on How to Successfully Collaborate With Other Authors

In this episode we interview rock star nonfiction author and coach Honoree Corder on how to collaborate on projects with other authors. Learn what it takes to work with another author. Show Notes And Links -What does the collaboration process look like? -How do you find another author to collaborate with? -How do you actually share duties on a project? [...]

Episode 63 - Indie Zara Keane Shares Her Book Marketing Secrets

In this week's episode we interview one of our favorite indie authors, Zara Keane. She knows her book marketing. You won't want to miss. Show Notes & Links -Zara shares her tips for success with Amazon Marketing Service ads. -How to build an invested review team. Learn how to vet your reviewers for a higher success rate. -How and why [...]

Episode 62 - How to Land Your Emails in the Inbox with AWeber's Tom Tate

In this episode we welcome Tom Tate, AWeber's Product Marketing Manager gives us tips on how to land your emails in your subscribers' inboxes. This episode is an email marketing Learning Lab--note taking will be valuable. Show Notes & Links -Why email companies screen your emails -How email companies decide what is spam -Why your content makes a difference--is yours [...]

Episode 61 - Writing For Love and Money With Sue Quinn

In this episode Chris interviews multiple genre author Sue Quinn about how to write for love and money. Also, they explore the process of shutting down Sue's very popular Facebook and when to know when a group has outlived its purpose. Show Notes & Links In this episode you'll hear: Authors can write for both love and money and how [...]

Episode 60 - Dave Chesson on How To Use Keyword for Amazon Ads

In this episode, Chris and Dave Chesson dig into Amazon keywords--what are they, why do you need to know how to use them, and everything in between. You'll want to take notes on this one. A learning lab episode. I am busy  editing the last part of my upcoming book, Vangie Vale And The Corpseless Custard so Chris graciously took [...]