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Looking For Recipe Testers

shutterstock_93397093I’ve got the recipe almost ready for the next Line of Fire book, and I am looking for recipe testers. It is really as easy as it sounds.

1. I send you the soooooper sekrit recipe that will go into the back of Fire Fight.

2. You make the recipe at home just the way it’s written in my instructions. (Must have measuring tools for precision.)

3. If it fails, you email me back and tell me what went wrong so I can change it before we print it. If it succeeds, you let me know and we will rock out together!

Then, we’ll send you a contributor packet so you can get acknowledged for your work inside the book. If you’d like to send pictures back to me, that’s awesome. I’ll put them here on the blog. But the most important thing is, if you like to bake and have some taste-testers, I would love to have your help! And I would be forever grateful. :)

The recipe I’ll be testing this time is from Meg’s Bakery, so it’ll require a basic knowledge of baking. No special equipment (that I know of and as far as I know, no special ingredients). If you are interested, please either use the contact button at the top of this blog page, or email us at assistant at rlsyme dot com.

We hope you enjoy recipe testing with the Becca Nation!